We create virtual worlds
for real people


Stonehollow Workshop LLC is an independent video game development company founded in 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, formally incorporated in 2022. With years of experience in the videogame industry, we develop mid-scale, high-quality role-playing games.


Stonehollow Workshop began as a group of independent game developers who went on to develop a mobile RPG, Fateful Lore, inspired by the games of yore. After months of work, the game was out for Android and iOS devices, on to be an immediate success with over fifty-thousand downloads across the United States and Canada.

Once negotiations began to localize and publish Fateful Lore in other markets, we began talking about formally incorporating. However, as the 2020 pandemic hit, these plans were shelved.

During the pandemic, we put our free time to good use and set sail on the development of Eterspire, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Initially an experiment, players showed actual interest and the development continued. Less than a year later, we had left our day jobs and were working full-time on Eterspire.

As such, we incorporated under the name Stonehollow Workshop LLC.

We believe toxic behavior has no place in the modern videogame world nor the modern development community. We design our games to be inclussive and healthy for everybody. We acknowledge behind every player there's a real person.

We create virtual worlds for real people.

Martin J. del Rio Llobera
Chief Executive Officer

Martin is a highly proactive and passionate software engineer, compiler writing aficionado, game developer, and general food lover. Goal-oriented, ambitious, and self-demanding; he enjoys being part of novel, challenging, and exciting projects.

He's written multiple videogames, academic software, and engineering solutions. He also co-created the LDPL programming language and several open-source code libraries.

As CEO of Stonehollow Workshop, he's in charge of pushing forward the development, maintenance, monetization, and publishing of our games and media products.

Pedro Boitier
Chief Operations Officer

A virtual-reality expert and R&D engineer, Pedro has always been fascinated by the precise mechanics that drive role-playing games.

He has a master's degree in Computer Science, practices boxing, and loves cats and lemons. He's an exemplary team player, dedicated and full of enthusiasm.

A careful planner and meticulous developer, his role as Chief Operations Officer has him leading the day-to-day enterprise towards success. He also ensures our codebases are clean and uphold the best engineering standards while motivating others to be the best they can be.