Our Games

Fateful Lore (2020)

Genre: RPG
Platform: iOS / Android

Fateful Lore is a retro-inspired RPG for Android and iOS devices. Originally released as a paid title, the game was later moved to an ad-based revenue model.

We love retro, vanilla RPGs, and we haven't found anything on the mobile market that caters to our taste. Most RPGs out there pretend to be epic operas with grandiose plots and complex mechanics, and we feel that some of the magic is lost in that. We wanted to play a simple but fun and compelling, medium length RPG that could be played on the go, without having to resort to old, punishing games through emulation.

With Fateful Lore we've tried to create that, a retro RPG experience with the things we loved from the games we mentioned, but fine-tuned to be played on mobile devices (with things like "save anywhere", autosaves and quest-logs) and without the things we didn't so fondly remember from the games of yore (excessive grinding, punishing game overs, cryptic quests, forgetting where to go next), etc.

It has been downloaded over 50k times and the player reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

Eterspire (2021)

Platform: Windows

Eterspire is a multiplayer online role-playing game for Windows. It is free to play and has an optional monthly subscription to access all its content. The game's focus lies in its quests and characters, but it also emphasizes character customization. It draws inspiration from classic MMORPGs while introducing new and original ideas.

We developed Eterspire to fulfill our life-long dream of releasing an MMORPG. After Fateful Lore's success, we knew we had the skills and knowledge to create an MMORPG. After a year in development and three months of open beta, the game was released on November 30, 2021. It is constantly being improved and expanded with new content and gameplay mechanics.