Crafting Unforgettable Worlds
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Stonehollow Workshop

We are an Argentinean game development studio on a mission to redefine the mobile MMORPG landscape by delivering games that blend fun, impact, and quality. From the moment our logo appears, players know they're entering worlds designed for enjoyment, lasting memories, and exceptional experiences. We're committed to creating games where players can escape, connect, and immerse themselves in welcoming communities, all while respecting their time and investment.

We're proud to have released two successful games, Fateful Lore, a retro-inspired mobile RPG, and Eterspire, an epic MMORPG for mobile devices. Both games have been downloaded and loved by hundreds of thousands of players worldwide.

At Stonehollow Workshop, we go to great lengths to ensure that our games are welcoming and healthy for everyone. We believe that our culture of inclusivity and respect is what sets us apart. We're dedicated to creating games that not only entertain but also promote positive social interactions.

We're not just making games; we're Crafting Unforgettable Worlds.